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Saving the Medias Endangered Archives: Processing, Cataloguing and Digitisation Project

The Medias community archives are a rare collection of community-created documents discovered in 2008. At the time of discovery, they were scattered throughout the balcony, the stairway, and the entrance hall and mixed together with refuse, prayer books and personal belongings. Due to mass migration of members, the community eventually disappeared and the archives, siddurim and other objects were deposited in the women’s balcony of the synagogue, which was made inaccessible to visitors. As a result of a clean-up effort in 2008, the archives and associated material were rediscovered and in 2014-2015 a grant to catalog, process and selectively digitize the material was secured and so the first project at The House by the Synagogue began.


Arhiva evreiască
din Mediaș

The material in this collection may be of interest to those researching Jewish life, identity and culture in southern Transylvania before and during World War II and Jewish life under the Romanian communist government. For additional details on the contents of each series, please see the comprehensive container list below. The collection is arranged by series and chronologically within each series.

This project ran from 2014-2015 and was administered through the Mihai Eminescu Trust and financed through the generous help of an outside foundation.

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